What We Do

We eliminate stress from the workplace in a fiscally responsible and socially engaging way.

We help top-performing teams, high-achieving individuals, and big-vision companies unleash their potential. Our talks, workshops, and corporate training experiences help make work fun and give participants the tools to meet the challenges of their workday with clarity and attention.

Our Assessment reveals the underlying cultural behaviors that put undo stress on the individual and the organization as a whole. We discover the tendencies of the company’s operation that drive or erode the overall bottom-line and individual satisfaction. From there, we help the team develop and create strategic action plans to increase individual engagement, improve performance, and align the leadership so that the organization is free to perform as its best.

What could your organization achieve with employees who are free to be truly engaged in their work?

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ZenLife has changed the lives of our employees. They provided us with helpful tools and techniques, giving us a new perspective on how to thrive amidst everyday stress.

Albert Serrano Associate Director, Los Angeles Family Housing  
Stress is Optional Kick the Habit