The One Thing That Can Make Your Heart Sing

Happy Tuesday, friend!  I hope you enjoyed Dana’s touching story last week.  She’ll be penning an issue of ZenLife Weekly again soon, sharing more of her tales.

This week, though, I invite you to relax your tendency to rush.  I offer you a moment to slow down.

You’ve probably felt it before.  You may even be feeling it now.  That subtle sense that something isn’t right.  That you have to do something – move, fidget, work, check your phone, check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

And this feeling might be scary to you.  This fear causes anxiety that prevents us from doing the very thing that can cure it.  
If you experience this feeling when you are still – a telltale thought that “this isn’t it,” be grateful.  You are aware.

With this awareness, you can take action. 

The best action, in this case, is inaction.  We must commit to being still and rooting ourselves in breathing.  Only when we have the courage and compassion to sit with whatever is coming up does it arise, burn up in the fires of our awareness and pass away.

The stillness and contentment we seek is not an external phenomenon.  It isn’t a destination “over there” to arrive at.  It’s right here, waiting to be uncovered.

Beneath our layers of plans, agendas, worries, roles, obligations, demands, and frustrations is something pure, whole and complete.  It is you.  It is the call of your heart, singing.  Can you hear it?

Each of us has a tune all our own.  It is the song of your authentic journey.  Your true path, just waiting to emerge.

So what’s that one thing?  Stillness.  Through the stillness, you will hear the song of your heart already calling.  Be still today, if only or 5 minutes, and listen…

What’s yours saying?


Stress Release Tip

Take a break today, my friend.  Go out and breathe the fresh air, raise your arms high above your head and stretch!  Feel the aliveness of the body, and see if you can wake it up even more.  Sitting at our desks all day every day is boring for the body!  What would you do right now if you were 5 years old?  Would you be able to sit still any longer?  I didn’t think so.  Sometimes we just need to check it with our inner child to know the next step.  Now go!  :)

Mindful Moment

Mindfulness is the key that opens the doorway to much more open and flowing experience of life.  To engage all of your senses – which is what mindfulness is all about – you will likely have to slow down at first.  Our minds race, disconnecting us from our bodies, disconnecting us from our senses.  But when we bow-out of the race, we can return to feeling.  To knowing.  And then to trusting.  We can trust in our experience because we are alert, responsive, here.

Stress is Optional Kick the Habit