The presentation changed the lives of our employees. We were provided with helpful tools and techniques, giving us a new perspective on how to thrive amidst everyday stress.

Albert Serrano
Associate Director, Los Angeles Family Housing


In the workshop, Adam showed me a path to love, serenity, hope and grace that is worth more than money. It’s amazing that the session could be so powerful! Adam is the best in the business today.

Karen Weber, MSW
Licensed Social Worker


I’ve spent most of my life trying to learn what Adam spoke about, and then he presented four simple tools to make it work in my life. Amazing. It’s obvious that Adam lives what he teaches, and that we can each have the same calmness and joy that he radiates.

Ellen Bullock
Wonderful Online Women


I really enjoyed your workshop today. I thought you (Dana & Jon) did an excellent job and the way the two of you played off each other was great.

You got the audience involved right from the beginning.

Your sense of humor as well as the breathing exercise, turned what might have been just a “lecture,” into something we could relate to and feel.

I think you guys are brilliant!

Rick Henkin
Founder, Know Your Man


Adam put on a great program for us. We would invite him again.

Joan Urbaniak
California Associations Institute


Adam was a speaker for our lunch time breakout during a full day educational session for HFMA Southern California Chapter. His topic was on Stress Management and his personal experiences as a 911 operator gave real meaning to his presentation. Adam’s tips and take away practice ideas during a full day event surrounding educational topics of a more serious nature relating to healthcare financial changes was a much needed reminder for the attendees.

Kathy Hammack
CFO, Western Medical Center Santa Ana


First, if you consider stress as a requisite part of success, get Adam’s book to learn how you can de-stress and still be successful! Then, if you have a larger audience of associates or staff that could benefit from his message and teaching, have him as a speaker to enhance your workplace well-being!

Camille Leon
Founder & Executive Director, The Holistic Chamber of Commerce


What a great fit! The message of reducing stress in the workplace inspired lively discussion, and we left with tools to use to de-stress anytime. The presentation increased our awareness of the symptoms of stress, both in ourselves and our employees. With the current workforce doing more with less and employee morale low as a result, this message was powerful and timely.

Sgt. Pablo Partida
Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Pico Rivera Station



Adam’s presentation was wonderful. It was informative and very engaging. Many of the 350 students in class approached me afterwards and told me how much they liked the presentation. Adam is truly a talented speaker with a message that really hits home.

Ilona S. Yim, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, University of California, Irvine


Adam masterfully conveyed the message of finding inner peace and self-meditation. He inspired student to take a step back from their busy lives and to just embrace all the good energy that is around them. We received many positive responses from students, faculty, administrators and conference participants who were inspired by Adam’s presentation.

Fran Faraz
Peace Studies Program Director, Golden West College


A perfect addition for our Wellness Week! The lecture was very fitting for the stressful life of dental students, and the meditation workshop can be easily applied to everyone’s daily life. Adam really put into perspective how simple it is to spare 10 or 15 minutes to make the rest of the day less stressful.

Stephanie Ung
UCLA School of Dentistry


This is life-changing content. We were offered immediate, practical, and concise steps to induce surprising calm. Even our skeptical group was won over by Adam’s easy manner and masterful way of communicating simply and effectively. Our group went from feeling that we have NO time in our day, to requesting that we begin every meeting with time for the techniques he taught us. His talk created a immediate buzz of excitement in our entire staff, and a continuing afterglow of interest in further study. I highly recommend Adam and his transforming work.

Beverly Allen
Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District


I can’t believe Dana got a group of nine and ten year olds to sit and breathe. We have girls that have now made it their new year resolution to take up a regular breathing practice!

Tania Baker
Girl Scouts of America at Culver City


“My work with Adam helped me put migraines in the past and embrace a beautiful future…”

Before meeting Adam, I suffered from regular migraines, nausea and blurred vision as I internalized all of the stresses of home life, a mother diagnosed with throat cancer, the financial burden of a pay cut, a sick child with asthma and allergies, in addition to working as a 9-1-1 operator.  My doctor had put me on meds for the migraines and tried to put me on meds for anxiety and depression.  I was looking at a life on medication – no way!  About this time I started working with Adam.

Adam’s guided meditations introduced me to a life beyond the physical symptoms of all of this stress, and within 2 months of daily work, I was off the migraine meds and wasn’t even considering the anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds.  I now find myself giggling when met with daily stress, knowing that I have the tools to meet it head-on, with confidence.  Even my family has noticed a change in my disposition.  My life is just so much better and happier — free and lifted spirits!  Thank you Adam, you have helped me more than you know.

– Sara C.

“Before, frustration! Now, ease and lightness”

Before I worked with Adam, I had a constant feeling of frustration. I would find myself getting anxious over any challenge that would arise, regardless of how big or small it was.  After participating in the Adam’s guided meditation sessions, I feel renewed.  I even feel a bit lighter, not in a physical sense so much, but in a spiritual and emotional way.  My family has even told me that I am more calm and less rushed as before.

– Penny G.

“Colitis and the stresses of life – I was miserable.”

Before I worked with Adam, I suffered regularly from colitis and the emotional drain caused by the symptoms.  I found myself meditating to help  focus the healing process.  I was introduced to Adam’s great work through a friend and after participating in the meditation sessions, I feel amazing – like I’ve embraced life on a another level. The one-on-one coaching with Adam opened up so many areas of my life.

I discovered a more open awareness of my surroundings, a closeness with my inner self and trusting more in my gut instincts. Meditation helped reduce my severe symptoms, and allowed me to step back and let things just flow.  I could finally be in the moment!  Adam was my guide in this great journey.

– Silva B.

“No boundaries, no time for my self or my family, only stress.”

Before I started working with Adam, I was always stressed out.  I lived a life without boundaries between home and work, and because I had so much on my plate, I couldn’t take the time for exercise or any type of self-care, even though I needed it.  When I started my own business and left “corporate America,” I thought life would be much different:  getting up a bit later, having some tea, doing some yoga, and then getting a bit of work in.  The reality was much different.  I worked just as hard (if not harder) than in the corporate life, and there was seemingly no way out.  Daily feelings of tension and irritability were the norm.  I couldn’t be present with loved ones, clients or even my dog.  This was no way to live!

When I heard Adam speak about the benefits of meditation, I knew this is what I needed to do.  I had tried meditation in the past, but wasn’t able to stick with it.  With Adam’s help, everything changed.  Even after the first session with Adam, I began feeling more relaxed.  In the first week, I saw that I could do this.  I could even tell a difference between the days when I did meditate and when I didn’t.  Becoming aware of the stress I was carrying around with me was huge, and through the work we did together I’ve been able to take my life back.

I’m so grateful that meditation is now part of my daily life.  Outside of work, I am more present with my husband, and we have more fun together without all the stress.  I am more patient and compassionate towards myself and others, and work isn’t the dominating force is always has been.

Thank you, Adam, for making meditation so easily accessible, and allowing me to realize a more present and less stressful life!

– Kelly H.

“Impressed by Dana’s natural ability to facilitate a deep state of meditative relaxation”.

I had my first session with Dana today and was very impressed by her natural ability to facilitate a deep state of meditative relaxation. Her knowledge, skill, and intuitive ability was very obvious in our time together and I look forward to working with and learning from her for many years to come.

– Bonnie C.

“Thank you Dana for introducing me to meditation, not only are my Parkinson’s symptoms less severe, my whole well being has become more positive & meaningful .”

I thought to myself meditation is not going to work – I always had trouble sitting because my back hurt! But I was wrong…

Dana spoke slowly and softly which made me at ease right at the start. She spent time to listen and understand my problems, then she guided me to let go all negative energy as I breathed out. Her voice was comforting and soothing. I felt that I could relax and let go my tightness (which I wasn’t aware that I was holding on to!).  Her voice was gentle and kind during the entire session, I felt at peace and became appreciative of the surroundings – the air, the sound, the breeze. I’d never took the time to enjoy those things that are so ordinary. I didn’t realize things around me were so beautiful and calming until I slowed down to meditate.

I recommend Dana to anyone who is lost in the jungle, rushing through the fast lane, simply stressed and nothing seems to be working any more. Slow down and let the professional show you the way back to living.

Thank you Dana for introducing me to meditation, not only are my Parkinson’s symptoms less severe, my whole well being has become more positive & meaningful.

– Dora L.

“Dana helped me connect with myself, to quiet my mind and all the distracting, unsupportive voices that held me back. “

I came to ZenLife seeking life expansion. I felt my life was slipping away and I hadn’t done many of the things on my bucket list. Not the travel-to-all-50 states, sky dive, etc. bucket list, but my soul’s bucket list.

Through the work I have done with Dana I feel like the door that separated me from my higher self has been opened wide and with Dana’s help I had the courage to step through.

Dana helped me connect with myself, to quiet my mind and all the distracting, unsupportive voices that held me back. She has given me great assistance in seeing how great I am and has helped me develop a self-love and appreciation that I only paid lip service to in the past. I feel Dana has increased my capacity for self-love and has taken the lid off of what I thought I could contribute to others.

Step by step, I am getting to where I want to be.  And all the while, Dana and ZenLife have been there helping me.

– Jon W.


Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation.

Nia Peebles
Stress is Optional Kick the Habit