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Your meditative moment

Take this moment to notice.  Notice your thoughts, notice your breath, notice what you’re feeling, notice the chair beneath you, your posture – just take it all in.  And then go back to what you were doing with this new dimension of awareness.  How long can you allow yourself to be here?  Relaxing into the ALL.

Ahhhhh  :)


Meditation Tip

Watching the breath at the tip of the nose is a great way to begin to settle the mind.  Once we have control of our focus, though, the real power of meditation comes through.  By directing our focus into areas of tension in our body, we can consciously allow that tension to release – we FEEL it release – realizing a lighter way of being.  And as we open more and more to this lightness, we settle more fully into our true self.  That part of us that exists between thoughts, beyond thought.

 My Favorite Quote

‎”We’ve been taught that who we are is no good. Not good enough. Inadequate. Bad. Disturbed. Weak. Pitiful. Sinful. Degraded. You don’t measure up. I mean, that’s the message of the world right? No body measures up. So you have to make these enormous, heroic, efforts to live up to some somebody else’s idea of who you should be, so you push yourself.

Beginning in preschool your parents want you to read before you’re neurologically ready and maybe they wanted you to walk before you’re neurologically ready, and then it just goes on for the rest of life. That in order to feel OK about ourselves, we have to actually live up to all these standards and pretty soon our whole life becomes about pushing, pushing, pushing and trying to become somebody we’re not.

And what happens when we start working with our bodies and start sitting [meditation], is: number one, the struggle is accepted. We sit on the cushion and we struggle, struggle, struggle – but we’re actually providing room for it. And what happens with this struggle when it’s accepted is that it starts to slow down. It starts to soften. It starts to open. And pretty soon it’s not struggle anymore. And room is provided for who we are.”

– Reggie Ray

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