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One foot in the past, One foot in the dream

How to keep your vision alive when the world around you no longer fits 

This is a powerful time in your life.  After years of working for someone else, you are making the transition.  You are about to pursue your passion full-time.  You’ve dreamed of the day when, instead of punching the clock and waiting impatiently for quittin’ time, you could devote yourself to minding your own business.  Lost in the potency of the present moment, each of your actions devoted to growing this dream job.

But you’re not quite there yet.  Before the transition is complete, you must continue to wear two hats.  How do you balance the demands of past agreements with the promise of the future dream?  When both require your present attention?

Use the following tips to stay balanced and have fun as you make bold strides towards your purpose.

1.  Get plenty of rest.  Doing double duty requires your body and mind to be in the best possible condition.  Our tendency is to overlook the importance of rest as we attempt to push juuuust a bit harder, juuuust a bit further, in the hopes of making things happen more quickly.  Instead of accelerating things, however, we run ourselves into the ground.  Unintended effect: delays.  Trust your body.  If you’re falling asleep at each lull in the day or desperately addicted to the coffee high, these are signs pointing to a sleep deficit

2.  Don’t forget to play.  Just as important as ample rest is the need to play.  Remember losing yourself during grade school summer breaks?  Lost in adventure, we became the moment.  We were the fun!  As adults we still need this.  We need to shake-off the seriousness of the “adult” masks we wear, if only for a few hours a week.  Especially if we intend to take our passion full-time.  Creativity flows like childlike wonder.  Play is a practice of tapping this resource.  How will you play today?

3.  Let go of the rush.  Clock time is a necessary tool for our modern lives.  We need a way to synchronize with the rest of the world.  But a life dominated by the clock gives way to a disconnection from our natural ebb and flow.  We try to cram our unfolding dream into our ideal timeframe, which may or may not have anything to do with reality.  This creates stress and frustration.  Reality unfolds in its own time.  A tree doesn’t have to check the clock to know when drop its leaves and sprout new ones.  Our true path, our true nature, is unfolding in a similar way.  We need only to surrender.

With rest, play and relaxation, you can allow the life of your dreams to unfold in a natural, clear and compelling way.  As you successfully balance the demands of your current circumstances against the requirements of bringing your dream life forward, you will inspire yourself to new heights.  Joy flows from this feeling of accomplishment, buoying your spirits on what might feel like a long road.  But “long” is only relative — this is your road, your life.  No comparison necessary.  And when we don’t compare ourselves to anyone else, we are free to balance on our own two feet.  What power!

This balancing act takes patience, practice, and, most of all, compassion.  Compassion to know that we need a break sometimes.  That we deserve gentleness.  That we are the only ones who can care for ourselves in such a deep way.  So settle in, see what’s needed, and just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  This life is a marathon, not a sprint.  Unconditional loving-kindness for yourself is your unwavering energy source for the journey.

What did you do this week to stay balanced?

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